Why every school and nursery should have an outdoor classroom

The rise in popularity of forest schools over the years is a fantastic sign that educators all over the country are recognising the value of an outdoor learning experience. For many children, this is the only opportunity to learn about nature, and it’s far more exciting to do this outside of a traditional classroom. Being able to touch and smell the many different types of nature around you is an integral part of the learning experience.

However, for many reasons, some schools and nurseries are unable to offer their children a forest school experience, or if they are then they can only offer the odd session. And children need more than this. For that reason, more and more settings are installing an outdoor classroom on their own premises.

What is an outdoor classroom?

Put simply, an outdoor classroom is an external shed or structure which is big enough to house an entire class. This can be installed on a playing field and the classes can take it in turns to have their classes in the great outdoors!

Because outdoor classrooms provide plenty of shelter, it doesn’t matter how much rain there is. They can stay dry while learning all about nature, getting the benefit of plenty of fresh air and a change of scenery at the same time.

Can it be used all year round?

You’ll need to ensure that the children are wrapped up warm in the winter with coats, hats and scarves, but other than that there is no reason why the outdoor classroom cannot be used all year round.

It’ll need to be installed on a solid foundation such as a concrete base, but as long as it is installed correctly and treated with the correct weather-resistant protection, the outdoor classroom should last a very long time.

Promoting a love of nature

Children won’t ever forget their outdoor learning experiences – they will stay with them for their entire lives as the love of nature is fostered so early in them. Outdoor classrooms are the perfect place to study leaves and roots, dissect flowers, take notes and carry out research for projects. The sensory experience of learning outside brings huge benefits, and for the teachers, it’s just a relief to teach in a different space every now and again! If you’d like to find out more about installing an outdoor classroom in your school, nursery or another educational setting, give us a call today. We have a large range of options (that even includes hobbit homes!) for you to choose from, and we will happily advise you on installation and maintenance.