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Curriculum Links

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Expose children to the wonders of growing with our planters and gardening sets. The miracle of germination, from seed to plant, helps children to foster a respectful relationship with nature, and can encourage excitement and empowerment around eating what has been grown, from herbs to strawberries to carrots!

Having ownership or responsibility, singular or joint, over the tending of their plants can help children feel empowered and proud. Learning about nature and tending plants is a great way to encourage gentle interaction, with others and with nature, as well as boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Checking up on plants and enjoying time outside is a great way to get kids outdoors in all weathers. Being outside offers its own developmental prompts, from the challenges of different terrains to the space allowed to develop gross motor skills in dance, jump and play. 

Research has shown that spending time outdoors is necessary to development, and makes kids happier, less anxious, and better at paying attention than children who spend more time indoors.


Steam Train Planter

£840.00 ex. VAT (£1,008.00 inc VAT)


Wheelchair Accessible Planters

£845.00 ex. VAT (£1,014.00 inc VAT)


Working Child’s Wooden Wheelbarrow

£345.00 ex. VAT (£414.00 inc VAT)

sleeper planter

Large Sleeper Planter

£365.00 ex. VAT (£438.00 inc VAT)

Outdoor Wooden Bin Storage

Attractive Triple Bin Storage

£363.00 ex. VAT (£435.60 inc VAT)


Balance Scales

£185.00 ex. VAT (£222.00 inc VAT)

Set Of Bamboo Plant Pots

Bamboo Plant Pots

£45.00 ex. VAT (£54.00 inc VAT)


Bespoke Designs

Kids Gardening Tools

Complete Children’s Garden Set

£136.00 ex. VAT (£163.20 inc VAT)


Corner Planter and Bench

£885.00 ex. VAT (£1,062.00 inc VAT)

children gardening set

Deluxe Little Gardeners Set

£189.00 ex. VAT (£226.80 inc VAT)


Design Service

Outdoor Wooden Seating Area

Double Sided Hobby Bench

£650.00 ex. VAT (£780.00 inc VAT)

Wooden Double Sleeper Planters And Bench

Double Sleeper Planters and Bench

£740.00 ex. VAT (£888.00 inc VAT)


Finch Planter Seat 8ft

£645.00 ex. VAT (£774.00 inc VAT)


Free standing Bug Hotel

£450.00 ex. VAT (£540.00 inc VAT)