What outdoor play equipment should I get my child?

Most parents and carers love the idea of encouraging active play outside. It can be imaginative and sociable, as well as great for physical development and fitness.  But outdoor playsets aren’t always cheap. How do you know which to choose, to make sure your child loves their new equipment? Well, here at Landscapes for Learning…

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4 Ideas for Muddy games with kids

The idea of actively encouraging children to play in mud makes the colour drain from many parents’ faces. We get it – everybody will definitely need a thorough wash by the end! But the benefits for kids and their development are huge. Need persuading? The benefits include:  Emotional Development (encouraging creativity through drawing, painting, and…

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Somewhere only we know: Why children need a place of their own

Wooden Hand Carved Mushroom Seats

Do you remember being lost in imaginative play when you were a child? Living in a dream scenario that you, and perhaps your friends, had built together?  Den building is an age-old pastime that is still just as pertinent to a child’s development today as it ever was. Den building often takes place outdoors, allowing…

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