The Benefits of Climbing for Children

Climbing is a physically engaging and mentally stimulating activity that offers loads of different benefits for children’s development, as well as benefiting their overall wellbeing.

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Our Favourite Playground Shelters and Canopies

Children's Wooden Hobbit Pod

Come rain or shine, it’s really important that children are able to play outside. After being cooped up in a classroom, children need the opportunity to run around outside, breathe some fresh air and let off some steam.

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How to make a playground wheelchair accessible

Accessibility is all about making things usable for as many people as possible. In a playground setting, it’s ensuring that all children can have a fun and enjoyable time, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. It’s estimated that about 1.2 million people in the UK use a wheelchair, which is about 1.7%…

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Our favourite pieces of agility playground equipment

If you’ve ever taken a child to a playground, the chances are that they make a beeline straight for the climbing frame or jungle gym! Agility playground equipment is any equipment that encourages little ones to climb, step, jump, and run. This type of equipment doesn’t just help kids blow off steam, but can also…

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Our favourite pieces of outdoor learning equipment

Outdoor Wooden Stage With Benches

‘Outdoor learning’ is such an umbrella term, used for all sorts of situations around being with kids, outside! Whether you’re trying to take a more traditional classroom-style learning environment into an outdoor context, looking to help broaden children’s capacity to play, teach a little about sustainability and ecology, encourage the development of peer relationships and…

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Should outdoor learning be part of the curriculum?

Young Boy Sitting With Large Teddy Bear

We all have a vague sense that children should be outside; we’ve all been herded outdoors as children, and as adults have felt creeping unease about parking children in front of the television or screens. This gut feeling is supported by the evidence – screens make us unhappy, unfit, and stimulated in the wrong ways.…

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What are the essentials for an outdoor classroom?

All over the UK, more and more schools are realising the benefits of outdoor learning and are moving some of their classes outside into purpose-built outdoor classrooms. Outdoor learning is becoming more popular all the time, with things like the recent extreme weather and the pandemic making the option to be outside more and more…

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