About Landscapes 4 Learning

A range of quality, affordable outdoor learning equipment

Designed by experts

Our products are designed in consultation with practising educators and early years consultants to ensure our range evolves in line with inspectorate standards.

High Standards

We love building relationships with teachers, caregivers and educational settings. And we take pride in creating fun, purposeful resources that will enhance any learning environment.

Safe & Long Lasting

By complying with industry standards and using only treated FSC-certified timbers from Scandinavia, we ensure the best possible quality at an affordable price.

Help us Help You

Got an idea that your learners would enjoy? Reach out to us and we’ll build it for you! (We’ll even give you a special introductory rate if you let us make more for other teachers!)

A Quick Letter to You

Hello there!


My name’s Gwenllian, a fulltime mother of three. And my husband is Craig, a former teacher turned qualified carpenter.

And together we’re Landscapes 4 Learning, an award-winning supplier of handmade outdoor learning and play equipment for primary schools, nurseries and day care centres across the UK and Ireland!


How it all began


We started Landscapes 4 Learning (formerly Mud Kitchens Wales Ltd.) after a chance encounter with a friend of ours, a primary school teacher in Cardiff.

One day, she told us that “my school just had a really disappointing inspection because there’s a ‘lack of outdoor, messy, exploratory play opportunities’”.

Craig and I thought that was weird. I mean, there are plenty of companies out there selling gear for outdoor learning and play, right?


Well, not so much…

After doing our own research, we found that a lot of those companies didn’t sell much more than ‘pallet projects’. Sure, they were perfect for the manufacturer to turn over a quick quid. But they weren’t built with longevity, safety or suitable ergonomic design in mind.

And at the other end of the scale, there were huge companies charging ridiculous prices way beyond the budgets of cash-strapped early years educators. So even those who could afford it had to share just one piece of equipment between two, three or even four classes!


Something had to be done to fill the gap and help make quality, affordable equipment available for growing kids.

Since Craig had a background working with children who had additional learning needs, he understood the educational benefits of sensory play. So he challenged himself to design and build an outdoor exploratory learning station to a high standard at an affordable price.

Turned out that keeping prices low and quality high was a lot easier than these companies were letting on!


And now here we are, almost 10 years later, still supporting the learning and growth of children throughout the nation with exceptional outdoor learning and play equipment that you can afford.

Because despite what others might tell you, it can be done.


Here’s what makes us special


Landscapes 4 Learning has big dreams and big ideas, but only a small team. Our overheads are low, so we can keep our prices very competitive and still offer the high quality of a trained and time-served carpenter.

We make all our products using pressure-treated timber and galvanised screws that comply with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommendations. That means you can be certain our products are built to last in any weather, and durable enough for even the most enthusiastic mud slinger!

Parents, primary schools and other early years educational settings across the UK and Ireland rely on and recommend Landscapes 4 Learning. So to meet their high expectations, we’re constantly expanding our product range with new and innovative learning and play options!


Reach out to us!

The best part for us about Landscapes 4 Learning is working one-to-one with caring, wonderful schools and other educational institutions.

So if you want to work with us, purchase Landscape 4 Learning, or just help to promote exploratory play, we’d love to hear from you!


Bye for now,

Gwen and Craig