Our favourite pieces of agility playground equipment

If you’ve ever taken a child to a playground, the chances are that they make a beeline straight for the climbing frame or jungle gym!

Agility playground equipment is any equipment that encourages little ones to climb, step, jump, and run. This type of equipment doesn’t just help kids blow off steam, but can also play a valuable role in their future development too.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of installing agility playground equipment in your playground or school, as well as some of our favourite pieces of equipment!

Why agility is so important for children

Agility playground equipment like climbing frames, teeter totters, and balance beams make a welcome addition to any playground space. Here’s why agility equipment is vital when it comes to children’s development.

It helps keep children active

Firstly, children need to engage in physical activity. The NHS recommends that children over the age of five do an hour of exercise throughout the course of the day. Agility playground equipment encourages children to take part in physical activity, all while having fun. 

Physical activity strengthens bones and muscles, and helps little ones develop their gross motor skills, keeping them fit and healthy, 

It stops kids from becoming restless

Secondly, agility playground equipment helps kids regulate their energy levels. After an hour or two of sitting in a classroom, there’s nothing more exciting than playing with other children and running around! 

A session on a fun piece of equipment can help kids from becoming frustrated and helps them release pent-up energy. Parents will be delighted to know that a good play session can help kids sleep better too!

It helps children develop lateral thinking

You may not think it, but agility playground equipment helps children develop cognitive skills, including decision-making, spatial awareness, and reaction time. 

Brain development is a significant part of a child’s cognitive development and physical play can help little ones read, pay attention, and remember!

It encourages children to play with others

Finally, agility playground equipment encourages children to develop valuable social skills that will help them in the years to come. Playing with other children teaches them to communicate, work together, and, most importantly, share!

Physical play is a  fantastic way to help little ones become more independent and build their confidence.

7 pieces of agility playground equipment that will encourage children to have fun

We specialise in a wide range of playground equipment at Landscapes4Learning. All our pieces are made with sustainable wood and are treated to protect against the most adverse weather conditions. 

We even develop our products in consultation with educators and early years consultants to ensure that everything we create offers exceptional educational benefits.

Here are seven pieces of agility playground equipment we especially love – don’t forget that you can check out our entire range of agility and physical equipment here. 

1.  Two tower platform

All kids love a climbing platform, and this is our biggest one to date! This two tower platform comes with a bridge, climbing slope, stairs, and a ladder, giving children a fantastic opportunity to engage in many different types of physical activity.

There’s also a decked platform for picnics and den making, brilliant for kids who want to chill out and relax after having lots of fun! 

2. Basketball skills centre

Who’s up for shooting some hoops? This basketball skills centre was specially built for a teacher who wanted to help develop hand-eye coordination in their pupils.

With four sets of hoops, this piece of equipment encourages teamwork and cooperation and helps children work on their accuracy.

(And by the way… if you have an idea for a piece of playground equipment, get in touch. We’d love to help!)

3. Balance teeter totter

Physical play is essential for helping kids develop their balance and coordination. This teeter-totter is ideal for developing children’s focus as well as building the muscles in their legs.

The perfect piece of equipment for any playground, especially if you have any potential future snowboarders or skateboarders in your midst!

4. Sleeper stepping blocks

A fun and affordable option for all types of playgrounds, these sleeper stepping blocks are super fun to jump and run across! 

These blocks are a great way to encourage physical activity, develop gross motor skills, and help children to take risks. And as they’re reconditioned from old sleepers, they’re a wonderfully rustic and eco-friendly option.

5. Traversing wall

Our traversing wall encourages kids to clamber across using the plentiful hand and foot grips, boosting spatial awareness and motor skills. There’s plenty of space for everyone, and as children can’t climb too high, it’s not just fun, but safe too.

We build all our traversing walls from scratch, meaning we can create one that’s bespoke to your specific needs. Just tell us the height and width you need, and we can get started!

6. Climbing tunnel

Perfect for little ones between the ages of two and seven, kids can climb through this climbing tunnel, as well as over the top! 

It’s a fantastic way for children to develop their coordination, as well as learn to share with others.

7. Climbing poles

With these climbing poles, your ‘cheeky monkeys’ can have fun pretending they’re climbing the highest trees in the jungle!

Our climbing poles are easy to climb and come with flexible and grippy climbing holds so kids can climb with confidence. These climbing poles are an excellent way for children to develop muscles and boost their endurance.

We hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of agility playground equipment! Which piece of equipment is your favourite?
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