Five creative fairy garden landscaping ideas

Fairy gardens enchant and delight children – and adults – of all ages, providing an escape from the stresses of everyday life and encouraging imaginative play. We all know that getting out into the garden is good for the soul, and what better way to get creative outside than by making a fairy garden? Unleash your inner child with our DIY fairy garden landscaping ideas – the only limit is your imagination!

Photo by Chris on Unsplash

How do I make my yard look like a fairy garden?

Turn a corner of your backyard into a fairy garden by choosing a spot for a container and filling it with decorative plants, flowers, moss, pebbles and small items from your house that a fairy might appreciate. If you are lucky enough to have trees in your garden you could make little fairy doors and windows out of scrap wood (or buy them online), attach them to the tree trunk with some wood glue and voila, you’ve created a fairy house! String up some fairy lights and introduce an old doll’s house or toy furniture to encourage the fairies to visit your enchanted garden.

What can I use as a base for a fairy garden?

You can use flowerpots, watering cans, washing basins or even wheelbarrows as a base for your fairy garden. Quite literally any sturdy watertight container would be suitable. Add soil or sand, and make use of flowers, shrubs and mosses to add variety and interest.

Why not turn an old birdhouse into a comfortable fairy retreat? Cover the roof with moss and make a stepping-stone path to the entrance out of pebbles. Flowers, pine-cones, acorns, twigs and other natural materials will transform the area around the birdhouse into an enchanting outdoor fairy garden.

Photo by Molly Triplett on Unsplash

What kind of plants should I put in my fairy garden?

As with everything else in your fairy garden, it’s entirely up to you! But if you’re in need of inspiration, cacti and succulents make wonderful additions as they are decorative, low maintenance and long lasting. A range of plants provides variety and interest – flowers like lobelia or cyclamen will add colour and vibrancy, while herbs such as oregano or thyme offer texture and fragrance.

How do I make a cheap outdoor fairy garden?

Fortunately, amazing fairy garden landscapes can be surprisingly inexpensive to create. You’ll be surprised at how many objects you can find around the house that make ideal additions – old toys and ornaments, fairy lights, marbles and shells, wind charms, windmills and cake decorations are all perfect for inclusion within your homemade fairy garden design.

How can I make a miniature fairy garden?

No garden? No problem! Find an old teacup or teapot and fill it with small succulents and herbs, shells and pebbles, coffee beans and a tiny figurine chair or similar as a focal point to tempt those fairies to stop by! If you don’t have a spare teacup to hand then any old container will do – cake tins, Tupperware boxes, window boxes, wicker baskets, an old boot or even a terrarium all make amazing miniature fairy gardens. Put them on your windowsill and enjoy.

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