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Product Range


Mark Making Hut

Mark Making Hut

£1,340.00 ex. VAT

Magnetic Marble run & DIY Water Wall

Magnetic Marble Run

£1,310.00 ex. VAT

truck sandpit

Flatbed Truck Sandpit

£1,200.00 ex. VAT


Junior Climber XL

£1,155.00 ex. VAT

climbing slide

Climbing Platform and Slide

£1,080.00 ex. VAT

hardstand canopy

Hardstand Canopy

£846.00 ex. VAT

mud cafe

A Creative Mind Mud Cafe

£840.00 ex. VAT

bird hide

Nature Bird Hide

£810.00 ex. VAT

tool bench

A Creative Mind Ultimate Tool Bench

£810.00 ex. VAT

Childs hobbit pod

Child’s Hobbit Pod

£695.00 ex. VAT

chainsaw carved squirrel bench

Hand Carved Squirrel Bench

£660.00 ex. VAT

hand carved owl bench

Hand Carved Owl Bench

£660.00 ex. VAT