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Pack of two 8 inch Tambourines.

Learning Benefits:
  • Curiosity.
  • Directionality (playing the tambourine upside down)
  • Fine-motor skills.
  • Improvisation and creative thinking.
  • Movement vocabulary (jumping, sliding, rolling, and so on)
  • Social skills (sharing ideas and respecting those of others)

Product Specifications

Height: about 1.8 inch ( about 4.5 cm )
With a round hole of 2.5 cm diameter and 6 pairs of steel wipes
color: as shown
Package Contents:2 x Tambourine

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How should I care for my Landscape for Learning product?

Timber is a natural product and it is affected by the environment and natural conditions that is exposed to much more than a man-made product would be. To view how to care in full, please read our instructions here.

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