Rocket Playhouse

£3,690.00 ex. VAT (£4,428.00 inc VAT)



Make the most your outdoor space by adding a stylish, practical and long-lasting garden building like this playhouse.

This Rocket playhouse is a great addition to any outdoor space. Sturdy, long-lasting and practical, this playhouse will give you  a high-quality building for years of use and enjoyment.

The 22mm  Loglap cladding and durable wood give this building a robust and sturdy feel. Also featured are solid decked  flooring and sheet roofing and dome glazed windows. For safety, there is a finger gap around the door to avoid your little ones having accidents.

This Rocket shop offers an excellent, high-quality garden buildings to give your outdoor space an added special touch.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy – 22mm  Loglap cladding and solid decked flooring give this playhouse a robust feel.
  • Safe – A finger sized gap around the door avoids any little fingers getting trapped.

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How should I care for my Landscape for Learning product?

Timber is a natural product and it is affected by the environment and natural conditions that is exposed to much more than a man-made product would be. To view how to care in full, please read our instructions here.



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