Maxi Mud Kitchen

£495.00 ex. VAT (£594.00 inc VAT)



Suitable for smaller settings and nurseries, and allows up to four children to play at any one time. Made to a high standard, with tanalised timbers. No fixtures on any tactile surface. All corners softened. A fantastic mud kitchen!

1.6m in length

Just a few of the benefits of Mud Kitchens
1. Connecting to nature
With the constant rush of daily life it is not always practical to get out into the countryside, but the same benefits can be recreated in the smallest of outdoor spaces. Outdoor play inspires children to feel a connection to nature and develop an appreciation for the environment.
2. Provide focal point in your garden
Bringing children of all ages together. Pre-schoolers and older children alike benefit greatly from immersive messy play. Children need regular sensory input for their all-round good health and wellbeing.
3. Sensory play
Supports language development and cognitive growth. Children learn to problem solve through social interaction by sharing ideas. Use of real tools in play situations develops fine and gross motor skills.
4. Mud play
The open-ended nature of mud play encourages creative thinking and allows children to freely create without fear of making mistakes, contributing to a child’s sense of self, and helping to build confidence. Not to mention the huge health benefits of immune boosting dirt!
5. Imagination
Allowing curiosity, exploration and experimentation in an open-ended way allows a child’s imagination to flourish!

Product Specifications

1.6m in length

Worktop height 48cm (can be adjusted upon request).

Product Comments

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How should I care for my Landscape for Learning product?

Timber is a natural product and it is affected by the environment and natural conditions that is exposed to much more than a man-made product would be. To view how to care in full, please read our instructions here.


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