1.2m Balance Beam

£71.50 ex. VAT (£85.80 inc VAT)

1.2m Balance Beams are a simple piece of equipment with wide reaching benefits.



It is essential for children to acquire a good sense of balance and these simple yet effective Balance Beams are perfect for developing competence in ‘physical skills’. Balance is the foundation for a healthy life filled with movement.

Having good balancing skills will increase children’s confidence in gross motor activities (e.g. playing on the playground, running, jumping), increase their ability and confidence to engage in physical activities, and promote fine motor skills (e.g. writing, drawing and cutting) because a strong core stability, equips children with a strong base to support the use of their arms and hands.

Product Specifications


L1.2m x H15cm x W10cm

Price for Qty 1 balance beam

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