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Fine Motor Skill Development


Curriculum Links

Product Ranges


Curriculum Links

Product Ranges


outdoor chalkboard

1.2m Freestanding Portrait Chalkboard

£254.00 £245.00 ex. VAT

outdoor whiteboard

1.2m Freestanding Whiteboard Portrait

£246.00 ex. VAT

large outdoor chalkboard

1.2m x 1.2m All Weather Framed Chalkboard

£385.00 ex. VAT


1.8m x 1.8m Sandpit, with UPVC Cover

£249.00 ex. VAT


21 Handpainted wooden food pieces and four crates

£34.00 ex. VAT


22 Piece Wooden Percussion Instruments

£41.00 ex. VAT

fun 4 five mud kitchen

2m Fun for Five Mud Kitchen

£451.00 ex. VAT

mud cafe

A Creative Mind Mud Cafe

£840.00 ex. VAT

tool bench

A Creative Mind Ultimate Tool Bench

£810.00 ex. VAT

Acrylic easel

Acrylic Viewing Painting Easel

£287.00 ex. VAT

outdoor whiteboard 6

Acrylic Whiteboard Easel

£287.00 ex. VAT

outdoor whiteboard

Acrylic Whiteboard Landscape

£245.00 ex. VAT

Posting pipes adding machine

Adding Machine / Posting Pipes

£194.00 £165.00 ex. VAT

Outdoor Chalkboards

All Weather Framed Blackboards

£179.00 ex. VAT


Authentic Carpenters Toolbox

£38.00 ex. VAT


Balance Scales

£150.00 £140.00 ex. VAT