Free Standing Rustic Log Bug Hotel

£336.00 £295.00

NEW PRODUCT: Free Standing Bug Hotel- 


We are expanding our property portfolio by request. 😁 

Invite children to explore this ‘Rustic Log Framed Bug Hotel’. 🕷

Create opportunities to learn about and care for garden wildlife. Teach children to respect and handle sensitive wildlife and observe nature. 🦋

Approximate Dimensions:🐌

(L) 900mm x (D) 700mm x (H)800mm 

Contents may vary from the image. 🐜

Attract :

Mason Bees: 🐝 Hollow Stems  

Ladybirds: 🐞 Bundle of Twigs

Caterpillars: 🐛 Logs with Drilled Holes

Millipedes & Woodlice: Fir/Pinecones.   

Beatles: Dead Wood.